7 Cute Dark Brown Hair Color Ideas: Which One is Right for You?

People generally think that the best hair color is blond. It is the main reason that people with dark or brown hair often apply blond dye to dramatically change their appearances. With the proper treatment and color combination, you should realize that dark brown hair is equally gorgeous to blond.

Some of the best dark brown hair color ideas are listed below. Please remember, before deciding to apply any combination of highlight, you should consider types of skin tones you have. Also, please consult professional hairstylist before changing you style for the best results.

1. Beachy Brown

Dark brown hair goes perfectly with sandy beach dye. To create such color, you will only need to use a dye that is three shades lighter than your natural hair color. You may also want to apply highlights in some noticeable areas. If you combine those treatments properly, there will be no demarcations and root lines as the hair grows.

beachy brown hair

2. Caramel Brown

caramel brown hair

Caramel brown is rich of colors. With natural brown as the base, caramel creates color complexions yet all of them can blend very nicely on the hair. It is best to add highlights around the face, which gradually gets lighter toward the top layer. If you have long hair, make sure that the lightest colors start from the mid-length to the end.

3. Chestnut Brown

chestnut brown hair

This color looks great in most people regardless of skin tones. Nonetheless, it looks best when applied to dark brown base. The possible additional colors are caramel and light auburn highlights applied around the face, mid-length, and ends. If you need a richer color, simply put some red highlights.

4. Golden Brown

golden brown hair

Golden brown hair color usually looks great for anyone with olive or pale skin tone. To bring up some complexions, you should add subtle caramel and honey highlights. Do not use the highlights one at a time, but you must blend them. By applying the color combination, your hair will look like as if it is slightly sun-kissed.

5. Honey Brown

honey brown hair picture

You can create honey brown color by combining honey and gold hair dyes. It is important that you apply this combination to medium brown hair. It is indeed one of the most mind-blowing dark brown hair color ideas, but it only looks good for people who wear a lot of makeup and have strong facial features.

6. Dark Ash Brown

dark ash brown hair

Please put in mind that dark ash brown is only good for tall person with long hair. Such hairstyle will be too overwhelming for a petite person. Multiple layers of highlights are recommended since those will add movement to the hair.

7. Smoky Brown

smoky brown hair

Smoky brown will frame your face perfectly. It is not the darkest, but pale skin tone should avoid this color. On the other hand, it looks good for people with golden, olive, and dark skin tones. To get smoky brown color, use a highlight which is few shades lighter than dark brown.